About Epic Armoury

CEO and Co-founder René Vendt gives you an insight into the company and what makes us who we are.

Epic Armoury.

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Epic Armoury is a manufacturer of various products for Live Action Role Play (LARP). We aim to be the best at what we do and have built up a solid reputation of being a reliable supplier and partner of LARP dealers, theaters, and filmmakers all over the world.

The Epic Armoury brand is designed and manufactured to be smart, creative, functional, and safe. In this way we aim to meet the expectations and needs of our customers, crafting products inspired by an assortment of themes and styles not easily found elsewhere. Epic Armoury products are all centred in eight distinctive universes, each with their own themes, colours, and materials called The Epic Circle.

Epic Armoury foam weaponry; metal armour; leather items; camp gear; and character accessories, are as diverse as the characters you play! 

Most importantly, all of our products are built by our love and passion for the hobby, and that is why we say:

Epic Armoury is made:


Our Story


Epic Armoury is owned by Iron Fortress and was originally founded in 2008 by the owners of two Danish hobby chain stores. Both store chains were challenged by the lack of availability of quality LARP products and decided to begin manufacturing on their own. This rapidly evolved into a company that did not only deliver products for the Danish market, but to the entire world. The owners are still the same and with us today.

We operate out of a Danish office and warehouse. We also have Epic Armoury branches around the world that are all run by local companies. They work as our extension through the world and provide customers with our LARP brands locally.


The Craftsmanship


We generate designs with functionality, creativity, and safety in mind. Once a product is developed at our studio in Copenhagen, we send it to our production team for counter sampling. We work closely together, ensuring that every design upholds the Epic standard for quality and craftsmanship. Most of our products are handmade, which adds that extra unique layer to each individual item.

Our Mission


Our growing selection of innovative and high quality products for the Live Action Role Play and medieval community are designed to inspire epic adventures for all.  We strive to encourage a business culture which attracts and nourishes individuals who are energetic, committed, and who have a passion for our business and hobby.

By offering dedicated service and accessible products, we aspire to always increase value for our customers, partners, and enthusiasts around the globe. 

Our Vision


We aim to be the worldwide preferred brand for Live Action Role Players, medieval enthusiasts, and the film and theatre industry.


Iron Fortress ApS
Kornmarksvej 12-14
2605 Brøndby, Copenhagen



We are very proud to announce that Epic Armoury is among the top 2% of Danish companies with the highest creditworthiness marked by a Triple A mark. The rating is based on a number of sub-assessments. 

A rating consists of different part-assessments of a company. It is the combination of these different assessments which determines the given rating for a company.

The four part-assessments are:

Basic data
Ex. a company’s condition, i.e. is it active, in suspension of payments, under liquidation or when is it founded, which line of business is it in etc.

The company is investigated and the condition of the mother company is checked.

Economy is the most important evaluation of a company, starting with the annual accounts.

The company is investigated regarding their payment history and if here are available records.

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