Bulk Discount


Do you have a large order to make or perhaps you are buying for several friends at once? We offer discounts, special merchandise and unique gifts if you buy products in bulk!

Depending on how much money you buy for, you become eligible for various special merchandise and discounts. 

When you buy anything from our store, your total amount will be tallied, and you'll get an automatic update of how far away you are from the next order tier. 

In other words, the more you buy at once, the more you save!


 Order tiers

  • 0-750€           
    - Merchandise (Stickers ect.)

  • 751-1099€     
    - Special Merchandise (Caps, T-shirts, mugs ect.)

  • 1100 – 2499€  
    - 10% discount + 1 pcs of special merchandise

  • 2500€             
    - 20% discount + 1 pcs of special merchandise 





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