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The most important aspect of any great LARP is its community. After all, role playing and fighting by ourselves is not much fun. As LARPers and gamers, we understand that building a creative, enthusiastic, and helpful community is key! Of course, being a worldwide provider of costuming, armour, foam weapons, and props, we realize that we already have access to an amazing community: OUR CUSTOMERS! You’re awesome! We're constantly impressed when we receive photos of your Epic Armoury gear, modified and made completely unique by you. So that got us thinking...why aren't we sharing some of our favorites?


Whats going on in the LARP community?

There are so many exciting LARP projects going on internationally. This section puts a light on some of those projects that we think more LARPers should know and be inspired by. If you know of a project in the making and want to spread the word, let us know and we might add it to this section.


LARPORGA.DE is a LARP project in Germany where they are building an event area for LARPs. Visit the Facebook page and website for inspiration and see all the cool pictures. We wish them all the best of luck with this project.

Visit LARPORGA on Facebook and their website.

 Weekend Warrior Levels Up LARPing

Weekend Warrior is a weekend that will immerse players in the distant past of the Rangers, an epic fantasy film about the defenders of the borderlands of the kingdom of Olaran. The story draws on inspiration from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, Dungeons & Dragons, and Game of Thrones to create a rich world full of adventure. Players will spend the weekend camping with over 140 other backers on the gorgeous grounds of the Mountain Run Winery in Culpeper, Virginia, USA.

Article by: Jessica Fisher at Geek & Sundry

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