Epic Armoury Ambassadors

Epic Armoury is grateful for the ongoing support we have from a number of well-known individuals, organizations and event makers who represent and interact with our gear and events as Ambassadors. We love the drive and passion they have for the hobby, and we want to support them in their ongoing quest to create and inspire the rest of us with their talent and ideas.

Fell & Fair

Title: LARPers, Event and Film makers


“Fell & Fair is a community based on the love of each member's craft and the desire to share them with others. Fell & Fair seeks to use each skill to produce work that brings joy, and inspires hope, courage and nobility in others. We involve our community in both our costume creations as well as our forays into photography and film making with the goal of expanding the community and enhancing each member’s skill as we strive to create beautiful works of art.

Fell & Fair founder Zan Campbell was raised among the woods, fields, and little rivers of the Carolina back country. From an early age he found his heroes in the chivalrous knights and daring archers that seemed to come alive in the pages of Tolkien, Henty, Chesterton and Lewis. Desiring to bring these stories to life in new and inspiring ways, Zan started Fell & Fair as a costume design company that brought together a group of craftsmen and artisans specialising in the production of medieval and fantasy armour and weaponry.”

Photo by: Nicolas Bruno Photography


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Photo by:  Nicolas Bruno Photography


Title: LARPer, Cosplayer, YouTuber


Hello everyone!. I have been cosplaying and LARPing (Live Action Roleplay) around Australia since 2007. Based out of Melbourne (originally from Perth), I pride myself on craftsmanship, having fun, and just being myself. Here I will be uploading costume and LARP tutorials, as well as videos from conventions, events, and LARPS around the world.

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Photo by: Vestiige


(The Larp Factory)  

Title: Larpers and larp organisers


With over a thousand members, Rollespilsfabrikken is one of the largest youth culture organisations in Denmark (discounting the national associations, of course!). Since 2005, Rollespilsfabrikken has run everything from action-packed children's larps and thought-provoking events for adults to larp conferences and national larp projects such as ”The Orcs are Coming”, which is supported by Nordeafonden.


Since its inception, Rollespilsfabrikken has been committed to making kids, youths and adults into more creative, communal and confident human beings – the belief that larp can change the world and the people in it runs strong here. Rollespilsfabrikken members are to be found in all parts of the community; as professional larpers, working in larp retail, teaching larp, teaching through larp, running events and organisations both in Denmark and internationally.


Rollespilsfabrikken has been the starting point for many young larpers, and if you're looking for its Junior Rollespil group, you can find info HERE. It's also (so far) the only larp organisation to own its own big cabin in the woods and is involved with numerous educational projects, ranging from Larpers of the World to Sparks of History.



Photo by: Rollespilsfabrikken

You can find Rollespilsfabrikken of the following platforms and Social Media:

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Rollespilsfabrikken is (in)famous for having an irreverent tone, being a powerhouse of productivity and for being one of larp's brightest-burning torches. As it is said jokingly in the organisation song: ”They travel alone, and they travel in packs, and they crush all resistance they meet.”

Photo by:  Rollespilsfabrikken


Title: FX Artist, Sculptor, Alternative Model, Actress and Cosplayer.



I'm an pointy eared artist based in the troll infested country that is Norway.

The passion I have for art, fantasy, costumes and freely expressing myself through all of this is truly boundless.

There's an entire world in my head filled with magical creatures and enchanting tales, and I just keep adding to it. 

My creative pursuit is to breathe life into this through my art - whether it be costumes, makeup, photography, video making, drawing or sculpting.

I strive to inspire like minded people to act on their imagination, be creative and live a fantastical, colorful life! 

My creations are usually inspired by history, nature and fantasy, and I guess you could say I'm a full time geek! 

"Be brave! Be you, always!"

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