Vegan Leather Alternatives.

We call it Faux Leather.

We want to make products for everyone to enjoy, that also means that we strive to provide alternatives, whenever we can. One of these cases is when it comes to leather, which is an area we've been looking into heavily in order to find a suitable alternative.

Faux Leather a synthetic alternative

We acknowledge the need for products where no animals have been harmed in the making. We have been working hard on the new development, and the real challenge for us have been to source a suitable and lifelike faux leather for our production. We have already developed a number of designs that have been waiting for the right material to be found. We believe we have found some correct materials and are actively working on both updating existing designs to feature both leather and faux leather options. We will also be make new designs using exclusively faux leather.

Tiim working with faux leather material

Some test samples using only faux leather

What we are currently working on

We are currently updating many of our designs to give a choice between leather and faux leather and as well as a new line of products made of faux leather. The handles on our Ready for battle weapon line have been switched from leather to faux leather and the center grip handles of our shields are also in the process of have the leather be replaced.

The transition from leather to faux leather will take time, but we are well underway and more and more products are given options between faux leather and leather and we will continue to do so so everyone can enjoy our products.

We expect the first faux leather products to be available in 2021. 

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