The easiest way to strike an intimidating pose is to wear an impressive costume--and to top it with platemail. Nothing says ‘knight’ like breastplate armor, and we have a great collection to get you started at your next Live Action Role Play (LARP) game or medieval reenactment.  

Our collection of breastplate plate armour features both fantasy and history inspired products for your next LARP, ranging from ancient times through the Renaissance. Explore our diverse LARP shop and discover the perfect fit for your [knight], [ancient warrior], [mercenary], or [noble]. Our [Churburg] is even based on a specific breastplate from the 14th century, meant to be worn with chainmail. Looking for something that can match multiple LARP characters? Our [Milanese] is a great low-fantasy option. Every breastplate is constructed using mild steel and high-quality leather fittings.

Layer our handmade armour on top of a [gambeson] and a [chainmail shirt] for a more comfortable and complete costume. Include a [helmet], [leg protection] and [arm protection] to finish your LARP character’s look.

History of the Breastplate

Although we usually think of breastplates in the late medieval time period, the idea of using metals to protect exposed areas such as chests and arms, can be traced back all the way to ancient Greece, with the earliest examples of breastplates armours being attributed to that period.

Plate was typically worn over a gambeson for comfort, but also for added safety. Padded medieval armour was sometimes known to be thick enough that it could stop an arrow, and was even useful at stopping cuts to the skin from an enemy’s sword.
Breastplates were usually designed with a rounded shape meant to disperse the force of attacks. For this reason, it would be unusual to see practical armour with molded breasts or abdomen, as it could actually cause more damage to the wearer--especially if they were to fall from horseback!

Even today, although we might not use breastplates in the traditional cuirass style, that most think about when they think plate armour or breastplates, Kevlar vests, stab- and flak jackets follow the same basic principles.

Breastplates are often seen as the most essential part of a soldier's defensive armament, the chest being the largest and most inflexible area of the human body, which means that it is the area that needs protection the most. Some countries and regions would go further and add vambraces, spaulders, tassets and more. As much protection as things like breastplate and other armours would give to the user, they incurred a heavy drain on resources and economy. Only large economies such as the greek city states, the roman empire and wealthy nation states had the resources and manpower to effectively field armies outfitted with standardized equipment.

Armour and smithing costs were so prohibitively expensive that it was often-times seen as a symbol of nobility simply having a full suit of armour.

With the dawn of firearms and their prevalence throughout history, metal armours and breastplates in particular became less and less attractive for military purposes, while flashy and imposing, their heavy weight and cumbersomeness and ineffectiveness against firearms meant that they were phased out, being relegated to ceremonial usage in most nations.

Construction of our Platemail

Our plate products are inspired by the armor worn by brave knights, soldiers and traditional fantasy heroes and foes. Platemail first became popular as firearm technology became more prevalent during the 13th century, designed to protect against medieval weapons and potential bullets (although the structural strength against such ballistics was not always effective). The Milanese [Churburg] is a great example of such a transitional breastplate, currently kept in Castle Churburg in Italy. 

Our LARP shop always uses the best material and design for each handmade product. You’ll find that most of our metal work armours are made from 1 mm/19 gauge mild steel with top-grain leather straps, some finished with Epic Armoury’s Dark Metal coat to prevent rust. 

Our breastplate armour features rolled edges--made to remove any sharp edges and to maintain a strong shape. Each piece is handmade and welded for maximum durability that will last with proper care. Most products also feature multiple leather straps around the torso and over the shoulders with many punched holes, allowing for the best fit right out of the box.

LARP while using a Metal Armour Breastplate

A breastplate is only one part of a full suit of armour but it adds a significant weight to your body. Whenever you want to LARP with a metal breastplate, make sure that you have it properly fastened, as these are cumbersome already and a bad fit will make it feel even worse. Remember to stay hydrated and bring plenty of water, you might be out in your metal armour for several hours and usually during summer, this means that collapsing due to heat stroke or exhaustion can happen.

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