The LARP Armour Essentials

When you want to show up to your next Live Action Role Play (LARP) game looking like a real knight, we recommend a new pair of shoulder plates. More than just an impressive statement piece, Epic Armoury Neck and Shoulder plate armour gives your Larp character a steel advantage on the battlefield.

Our collection of neck and shoulder plate armour features fantasy and history inspired products for your next LARP. Explore our diverse range and discover the perfect fit for your [knight], [dark paladin], or [noble commander]--all constructed using mild steel and high-quality leather fittings.

Layer our handmade armour on top of a [gambeson] and a [chainmail shirt] for a more comfortable and complete costume. Include a [breastplate], [leg protection] and [arm protection] to finish your Larp character’s look.




Construction of our Shoulder Plates


Our LARP shop always uses the best material and design for each handmade product. You’ll find that most of our metal work armours are made from 1 mm/19 gauge mild steel with top-grain leather straps, some finished with Epic Armoury’s Dark Metal coat to prevent rust.

Our shoulder plates and neck plate armour feature rolled edges--made to remove any sharp edges and to maintain a strong shape. Each piece is handmade and welded for maximum durability that will last with proper care. Several products also feature articulated plates along the shoulders to allow for more flexibility.

The History of Plate Armour

Our plate products are inspired by the armor worn by brave knights, soldiers and traditional fantasy heroes and foes. Plate first became popular as firearm technology became more prevalent during the 13th century, designed to protect against medieval weapons and potential bullets (although the structural strength against such ballistics was not always effective).

Plate was typically worn over a gambeson for comfort, but also for added safety. Padded medieval armour was sometimes known to be thick enough that it could stop an arrow, and was even useful at stopping cuts to the skin from an enemy’s sword.

Shoulder armour--including pauldrons or spaulders--sometimes featured a vertical plate at the top of the shoulder called a sword breaker, designed to catch and deflect blows before they could impact the head. Neck protection--such as the gorget and bevor--was paired with a helmet and breastplate to protect all the vitals.


Maintenance of our Metal LARP Gear

Epic Armoury Metal Work chainmail products should be treated with oil and kept in dry storage. If your armour does get wet, it is important that you dry it as soon as possible and keep it clean with a soft cloth! Lightly oil the clean surface with a quality mineral oil before storing it, and make sure to check it every few months for signs of rust.
If any rust is found--and it can be hard to see on individual rings!--remove it by gently rubbing the affected spot with a mildly abrasive pad dipped in paste wax, oil, or water-displacing liquid

Learn more about recommended maintenance on each product’s individual page.

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