When a simple arming sword isn’t enough, only a two-handed sword will do.
Strike an impressive pose at your Live Action Role Play (LARP) game with one of our epic medieval weapons, whether you desire a historical or high-fantasy look.

Bartolomeo Passarotti, Portrait of a man with a sword, 1565–1570

History of the Greatsword, the Classic Medieval Weapon

 Up until the medieval ages, the technology to create swords much longer than 60-70 cm, was next to non-existent, rather the technology was there, but very few swords could sustain the, prolonged, abuse of battle. As the need arose, particularly skilled blacksmiths perfected a stronger, tempered steel. It was this steel that was used to create longer, more advanced swords.

Longer swords held with two hands, including the greatsword and the claymore, allowed for stronger strikes and a greater reach. This was a great advantage in a battle, especially against cavalry, multiple enemies, and shorter weapons.

The greatsword, developed in the Renaissance, was a two-handed sword that was too heavy to be used with one hand. It had a long grip for leverage, and was wielded with one hand at the top of the grip and one at the bottom. You could thus ignore much of the sword’s weight by pushing and pulling on its fulcrum near the crossguard.

According to some sources, Two-handed swords in, Europe, while requiring strength, was not as slow hitting as most people tend to believe, in some schools, the use of momentum to follow up a strike was key in being able to overcome one's enemies, rarely would a hard overhead or sideways swing be effective as it’d leave one painfully open for a counter attack.

The tradition of sword fighting is continued today thanks to many martial arts, including Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) and kendo.

Two-handed swords in LARP

While imposing and impressive to wield, Two-handed weapons are technically challenging to use as is. Depending on the campaign and organizers there will also be added difficulty, due to the regulations and restrictions to using pommel strikes and poking, to ensure safety. This means that Two-handed sword wielders will have to rely on skill, technique, and proper footwork to be effective against more mobile combinations such as weapon and shield, etc.

Some LARP campaigns and organizers create rules to alleviate some of the issues that two-handed weapons, including swords, come under such as giving more damage when hitting an opponent or piercing through armor and shields, in order to simulate the raw strength of the weapon as it comes crashing down. 

Always make sure to ask your organizers for the specific rules in place for weapons and armor as they can vary wildly from LARP to LARP.

Variation of Two-handed Swords

Two-handed swords have existed in some variation or another, almost everywhere on the planet, which means that you can be anything from a samurai facing the Mongol invasion, Defending your borders from the English, to leading an army with your Greatsword held high!

Can't decide between a sword and an axe? The Panabas is a perfect alternative for your LARP character! The opportunities are nearly endless.

While they may be technically challenging weapons to use,, in combat, they are imposing and adds a heavy dose of authority and confidence to a LARP character, making them an ideal companion to anything ranging from the intimidating Barbarian to the Honorable higher-ranking military leader.



Epic Armoury understands the importance of good looking LARP gear that is also safe to use! So, you can be reassured that our two-handed swords are designed with safety in mind. The technical construction varies depending on the sword model, but every one contains a fibreglass core, flexible and safe tips, and durable foam blades that have been rigorously tested.

Our two-handed swords range in size between 135cm-140cm long, and feature both historical and high fantasy styles. We also offer several different construction options--including our classic line and our hybrid swords. Our hybrid weapons (like our Nightmare Blade) feature no-maintenance, highly realistic handles cast from polyurethane.

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