Have you just gotten into LARPing but find the Ready for battle weapons to be either too short or to flexible for your liking? Introducing, Epic Armoury Entry level!

Epic Armoury Entry Level are for those of you that are looking for a medium length sword (about 80 - 95 cm) or a long length sword (about 100 -110 cm) at an attractive entry level price.  

Gearing up for your character? We’ve got you covered

You might be new to LARP and looking for your first sword, but not finding what you are looking for in the ready for battle line. Maybe you are just looking to buy a sword that offers you more control while fighting? 

What is the difference between Ready For battle (RFB) and Epic Armoury swords?

The RFB swords are build with a focus on being safe and absorb a large portion of the impact from the blow. This is made possible by building the sword around a very flexible, but strong core. The flexible core causes the blade to have a certain amount of wobble during powerful strikes and blows, which results in you have less control during your swings. The softer foam in the blade, and especially in the handle, means that you receive less recoil in your sword arm and shoulder. 

Besides being build with safety and durability in mind, Epic Armoury swords are build with a focus on handling and control. This is achieved by building the sword around a thicker and less flexible core resulting in less wobble during powerful strikes and blows. In addition to this newer Epic Armory swords comes with a balanced handle for extra control. 

The Epic Armoury Entry level, we will always guarantee at least one sword of medium length and one sword of long length at a price point that is hard to match anywhere else.

To make it short and simple: The Epic Armoury Entry-level concept gives you an Epic Armoury sword at a Ready For Battle price.

Epic Armoury Entry Level Products


Epic Armoury Spatha 85cm / 105cm


Epic Armoury’s Spatha is a medium latex-hybrid sword inspired by the Roman gladius. The sword is 85 cm long and has a double-edged blade with a double fuller. The hilt, called a capulus features an intricate design indicative of an officer or dignitary. The knobbed grip is designed to provide a firm, ergonomic hold and ends with a large, spherical pommel.

Spatha 105 cm

69,95 €


Spatha 85 cm

59,95 €

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