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LARPer Spotlight

Our Larper Spotlight hashtag was introduced the 5th of October 2016. We introduced the hashtag as a motivation for you to show everyone your cool #LARP costume! We were and are still looking for LARPers to highlight on our Facebook page, so we encourage you to tag us in photos of you in your kit. We may even feature you on our weekly #LARPerSpotlight, and in this section!


In this newest edition of LARPerspotlight we go to Canada in order to meet Marie-EVE Lacasse and her character of Isil Lumma Nefyn’thil, a free-spirited elven jack-of-all-trades adventurer. We talk to Marie about Isil, her creation process and her general process when making costumes.



🧙‍♂️ #Larperspotlight returns with a fantasy/low-fantasy outfit that is wonderfully well-realized by Leonard Helmutson.🧙‍♀️

📜Sire Vigo di Ferrante, knight errant of the Duchess of Toussaint (The Witcher Background). He is travelling trough the northern Kingdoms with a band of mercenaries he gathered, to hunt down the beast that killed his brother.📜


In this first edition of a new LARPerspotlight We saw Paul Waldreps character and simply found him to be very cool. The worn and ragged look for his character and the stitched up nature of all of his costume and the slightly anachronistic feel, all helps in making the costume become bigger than the sum of its parts and Paul's character ends up feeling like someone who fits perfectly in a setting like Fallout. 




In this edition of LARPerspotlight we take a look at Marie Fankhänel and her character of KATARZYNA MARCZAK.

We talk to Marie about how she get started with LARP her thoughts behind her character and try to look at what it is she enjoys about LARP in general



🧙‍♂️Marina Vanrotten's character Kea is part tree and part animal is so well realized and detailed that we were blown🤩 away when we saw it and we were very curious as to how she made it!🧙‍♂️



🧙‍♀️In this week's #LarperSpotlight we are graced by @Tim Boindrak Gaedtke's amazing character Boindrak Turamar Skaruldor Ugahar Dari Garn Naegraul.

The details and work on the armour, weapon and even beard is absolutely astonishing and we were blown away when we saw it!🤩🧙‍♂️


#Larperspotlight flutters into view once more, with a ghastly sight! @Daniel Sawatski has created this impressive looking Nosferatu named "Oppenheimer" from Vampire the Masqurade that had us chilled to the bone and we are pretty sure that he is NOT following Via Humanitas anymore.

epicarmouryOlivier Blackburn is this week's #LARPerSpotlight (January 20, 2018), as his character Virgil of Valtragil. As a shady man of the seas, he's "into honeyed words, grog and easy money. Livin' the dream, one gunpowder blast at a time!" Ahoy, matey! We be likin' yer character!

epicarmouryFinarfel Tawarandís - Fanciful Costume Art 's newest elven LARP character is pretty amazing. Curoniel Lothuilos, is a Tolkien inspired creation designed and sewn by Finarfel. Bravo! #LARPerSpotlight (February 21 2018)

epicarmouryTherese McGee does medieval games on horseback...and we're so jealous. That's SO COOL. You might also notice she's wearing our Landsknecht shirt and pants... 😉 #LARPerSpotlight (March 3, 2018)

swordcraftlarp Check out the new Weekly Player Spotlight: The Warna Family! 

epicarmoury Shannon Eileen Cramer made this shield based on Lagertha's from Vikings. She also made the armor and neck piece! Well done! #LARPerSpotlight

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