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Epic Armoury partners in Canada and Australia are our close partners and are very specialized in Epic Armoury products. They have separate and local websites that you can visit anytime, and are also reselling and distributing Epic Armoury products. As we join our efforts and work together, we are successfully developing products to meet your local market's needs and availability.

Epic Armoury partners in Canada and Australia are operating their businesses under the name of Epic Armoury under contract. Epic Armoury Unlimited and Australia, are not subsidiaries or franchises, and are solely privately owned and separate companies from Epic Armoury, but through ongoing dialogue we all work hard to align our values and expectations for what the Epic Armoury name stands for.    

Epic Armoury

Unit 2 and 9, 8a Railway Avenue
Oakleigh, Victoria 3166

Recommended Retailer


Epic Armoury Recommended Retailers

Product knowledge and a wide range of Epic Armoury products in stock is essential to provide great costumer service, and that is just what the Epic Armoury Recommended Retailers are all about. The Recommended Retailers are a mix of webshops and brick and mortar stores that you can visit for a closer look at our products. In the list below, you will find the most capable Epic Armoury dealers in your territory, as they prioritize and have a great understanding of Epic Armoury products and their functionalities.

Together with the Epic Armoury Recommended retailers we are proud to offer you:

1. Great Costumer service.

2. In depth knowledge and guidance on Epic Armoury products.

3. Wide range of Epic Armoury products in stock.

4. New releases

5. High priority on orders and restocking Epic Armoury products.

6. Recommended Retailers accept warranty products.

Identify your Epic Armoury Recommended Retailer on the seal.

Czech Republic - Recommended Retailers

Fantasy obchod

Náš obchůdek byl založen v roce 2005, v úplných začátcích byl náš sklad starý kufr po dědečkovi - do něj se vešla celá naše nabídka. I když dnes nabízíme více než 10000 druhů zboží, stále si zakládáme na tom, že jsme malá rodinná firma a snažíme se vyhovět každému zákazníkovi, který se na nás obrátí. Máte-li dotaz či speciální přání, nebojte se ozvat. Jsme tady pro Vás!

Proskovicka 45, Ostrava, 70030 https://www.fantasyobchod.cz/

France - Recommended Retailers

Mon GN

The French leader in the distribution of material for life-size role playing (LPG), latex weapons, leather armor, metal armor, purse bag, clothes and much more!

1 bis rue Pasteur
59120 Loos



Le Repaire Du Dragon

Le Repaire du Dragon (Dragon’s Lair) is a famous gaming shop located in Paris since 2004.

Alongside a wide selection of board games, role-playing games, miniatures and Magic The Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh ! cards, you will find a very complete selection for LARP.

Le Repaire du Dragon can supply the entire Epic Armory range and more and the salesmen will do their duty to advise you as best as possible to provide for your needs.

Le Repaire du Dragon
43b, Av Simon Bolivar
75019 PARIS

Germany - Recommended Retailers

Dein Larp Shop

The hobby LARP and the authentic portrayal of the characters only comes to life with a proper garment and equipment. Our comprehensive range with over 50 manufacturers affords a large selection of medieval clothing, LARP-suitable weapons, armour as well as appropriate paraphernalia and accessories. Particularly for fantasy beeings masks, make up, Special FX, latex applications - such as elven ears or orc half masks - are essential. Due to the fact that not only portrayal but also ambiance counts, Dein-LARP-Shop offers tents, lots of decoration and useful equipment on the subject of camp life.

Lagerstr. 10
93055 Regensburg



Battle-Merchant, your store for reenactment and LARP, is on the battlefield since 2002. We supply history, from ancient Greek to late medieval, from decoration to full contact battle. Browse through all kinds of living history and reenactment equipment like chain mail, swords, helmets, armour, mead, drinking horns, garments, shoes, books and accessories!

Gehrn 4
D - 25596 Wacken

Great Britain - Recommended Retailer

 Larp Inn

Larp Inn stock a wide range of LARP and gaming products. Their Telford, UK based warehouse features a showroom where you can try on a costume, swing a sword or have your favourite bit of kit repaired on site.

Unit 38, Heath Hill Industrial Est
TF4 2RH Telford, Shropshire



Japan - Recommended Retailer

Larp Gear


 公開メールアドレス: sales.larpgear@gmail.com





Aichi-ken, Seto-shi, Togencho 6-5, Seto Brother Building 2nd Floor.

New Zealand - Recommended Retailer


Paddywhack is New Zealand's only specialist larp store, proudly supplying kiwi larpers since 2005. We are located in our largest city Auckland, where we have a physical store in the suburb of Panmure. Through our online shop we serve the whole country, especially the growing larp communities in Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. We love being able to amaze our customers with incredible gear from Epic Armoury.

1a/100 Queens Rd
Auckland 1072

Sweden - Recommended Retailer

Handelshuset Gripheim

We got everything for your Epic adventures From peasant to knight - from orc to troll king - from early viking to 19th century

Österleden 2
721 35 Västerås

USA - Recommended Retailer

Medieval Collectibles 

Medieval Collectibles is an internet mail order company that was started in 2003. They bring you the highest quality medieval replicas from over 200 manufacturers around the world. With over 37,000 products, they are one of the oldest and largest medieval companies in the United States.

Medieval Collectibles have been a Epic Armoury retailer since 2009, and have most items on stock at all times.


Medieval Collectibles 401
North Richland Creek Drive
Princeton, IN 47670


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