Epic Circle Introduction by Fell&Fair


The Fell & Fair team walks you through their creative process as they build a culture for a LARP event. Then, they provide a step-by-step guide for using the Epic Circle to build a kit for that culture.

The Epic Circle

What is the Epic Circle?

The Epic Circle is a creative solution for pairing products across our many unique collections. We manufacture a wide range of costumes, makeup, and props for Live Action Role Play (LARP) and cosplay, aiming to serve your needs as customers and roleplayers. With so many designs to choose from, we wanted to create an easy way for you to sort through our collections--while being inspired by the possibilities! Our goal is to help you with LARP character ideas, developing an aesthetic you are going to be excited to show off at your next game. To this end, we created the Epic Circle.

LARP Character Creation Tool

The Epic Circle includes eight distinctive universes, each with their own themes, colours, and materials. Originally created to guide product development, these themes were our design standards when crafting new product ideas. Now they also serve as a LARP character creation tool for you

How does it work?

Pick products from within a specific collection in order to create a unified and themed look. If you’re looking to play a mystical fae creature, you may find all you need within the [Ethereal collection]! Whereas a ranger or rogue will find all they need in the [Defiant collection]. Looking to create a more dynamic look?

Each universe collection can be paired with items from their neighbors. Choose a basic costume from one universe, and mix and match the rest from universes to the left and right on the circle. Turn your Fae into a dark unseelie by combining products from the [Ethereal] and [Stygian] universes--or turn them into more of a trickster by including a few [Defiant tools]. Generally speaking, the only products that don’t work well together are from collections across the circle from each other. We’ve organized our collections in this way so that you can narrow down your search. If you’re looking to create a Roman soldier using our [Ancient line], you likely won’t find matching costume pieces within our [Stygian collection]. That said, you may still find combinations that work for you. We are excited about your creativity and look forward to seeing what LARP character ideas you come up with!

The Circle is Always Expanding

Our catalog is expanding quickly as our company grows, adding to our extensive list of functioning, creative and safe products every year. Most of our products are handmade, built with our love and passion for the hobby. We hope that the Epic Circle serves as a useful navigational tool, and that you will be satisfied with a costume to match your epic character!

Choose from the following Universe Collections:

  • Sovereign: A collection of LARP gear and costumes for low-fantasy medieval urbanites and noble characters. Includes a lot of plate and leather armour, as well as an array of functional tools for your camp. Also a great place to start for medieval-based cosplay or festival garb.

  • Defiant: Costumes and weapons for rangers, adventurers, mercenaries and thieves. Predominantly features leather armour and handy tools, including lock picks and throwing knives. A great way to add a mischievous twist to your LARP character.

  • Ethereal: [Ethereal:] Everything you need to create a magical woodland being. This collection of costuming, makeup, and weapons will transform your LARP character into an elf or fae. You’ll find a lot of organic shapes and beautiful, slimming details in this category. You’ll also find our bestselling Elf Ears!

  • Stygian: Become a deadly and cruel enemy of the light with the help of this LARP gear collection. Includes a lot of dark coloured armour and clothing with sharp lines and pointed edges. Great for the most vile villains and assassins, like necromancers and vampires!

  • Ancestral: LARP costuming, armour, and weapons for warriors inspired by the rich cultural history of East Asia. Find everything you need to play a samurai or ninja in this collection, featuring leather and plate armour tied together and secured using toggles and lacing.

  • Ruinous: Rawr! Find rugged and worn looking armour and costuming in this collection for your chaotic monster or ramshackle burglar. Great for non-player factions at your LARP, or for the orc tribe you’ve always wanted to join. Features primitive weapons, such as stone carved axes and clubs.

  • Stalwart: LARP as a northern warrior or hardy tribal practitioner with this collection of gear. Featuring costumes perfect for Nordic or Celtic inspired characters, this is a great option for a Viking festival, reenactment or cosplay garb. Also includes a great collection of drinking horns--so you always look in period while having a fun time.

  • Ancient: Take on the role of a Spartan or Roman soldier using this line of gear. This collection offers all you might need to fight your way into the epic tales of gods and legends. Includes period-inspired bronze and iron armour polished to a shine, as well as colourful base costuming appropriate to the classical era.
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